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Links: Orphans and Affected Families
decorative itemAIDS Orphans Education Trust
NGO based in Jinja, Uganda, that works to provide formal and/or vocational education to AIDS orphans.
decorative itemChildren Affected by AIDS Foundation
Grantmaking organization that funds projects designed to make a difference in the lives of children infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS, primarily in the United States. Includes orphan initiatives.
decorative itemChildren in Need Network
Consortium of over 70 NGOs, CBOs, and government departments working with children in need in Zambia.
decorative itemCINDI-Children in Distress
Informal consortium of NGOs based in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, advocating for children affected by AIDS.
decorative itemThe Firelight Foundation
Provides small, one-year grants to grassroots, community-based projects directly supporting the fundamental needs and rights of children orphaned or affected by HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa.
decorative itemThe Orphan Project: Families and Children in the HIV Epidemic
U.S.-based nonprofit organization that develops collaborative work with direct service providers and family members. Works in New York City, with organizations in other regions, and maintains a focus on global issues relating to orphans of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the developing world.
decorative itemPopulation Council
Council's Horizons Project focuses on global operations research on HIV/AIDS/STI prevention and care and undertakes studies and issues reports regarding children affected by AIDS.
decorative itemRainbow Children
Based in Germany; supports projects for needy children in South Africa, including children with AIDS. [German]
decorative itemRegional Psychosocial Support Initiative for Children Affected by AIDS (REPSSI)
A five-year project aimed at improving psychosocial assistance for children affected by HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa.
decorative itemSave the Children (UK)
Programs support families affected by HIV/AIDS and assist communities to care for children living with and/or orphaned by HIV/AIDS.
decorative itemStreet Kids International
Works directly with local agencies in Asia, Africa, and Latin America to encourage children living on the streets to find healthier and more rewarding ways to earn a living; to support children in starting their own small businesses; and to provide front-line workers with ideas, tools, and training.
decorative itemUNAIDS
Includes publications on children affected by HIV/AIDS and country-level educational interventions.
decorative itemUNICEF
Includes publications and links related to AIDS orphans.
decorative itemWorld Bank, Early Child Development
Includes numerous links to organizations and publications related to children and caregivers affected by HIV/AIDS.
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