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Research Tools and Databases
AIDS and Cancer Specimen Bank
(ACSB) The purpose of the ACSB is to identify and improve access to tissue, blood and fluid specimens, as well as to provide clinical outcome data from individuals with HIV-related malignancies.
All the Virology on the WWW
A comprehensive virology resource with a significant amount of information on HIV and related topics, from Tulane University School of Medicine's Garry Laboratory. Includes the Big Picture Book of Viruses.
Cytokines Online Pathfinder Encyclopaedia
Online encyclopedia of information about the role of cytokines in medicine.
HIV Databases: Los Alamos National Laboratory Databases
Includes several databases including HIV sequence database; HIV drug resistance database; HIV molecular immunology database; HIV/SIV vaccine trials database.
STD Sequence Databases
Includes link to an HPV sequence database.
National Center for Biotechnology Information
(NCBI) A division of the National Library of Medicine of the National Institutes of Health, includes Gen Bank, a collection of publicly available DNA sequences mainatined by the NIH.
National NeuroAIDS Tissue Consortium
NIH-sponsored consortium of HIV neural tissue banks, the goal of which is to provide specimens for qualified researchers.
NIH AIDS Research and Reference Reagent Program
State-of-the-art biological and chemical materials for study of HIV and related opportunistic infections.
National Library of Medicine's premiere scientific literature database.
Stanford HIV RT and Protease Sequence Database
A resource for researchers featuring a curated database of nearly all published HIV RT and protease sequences.
Featuring Pathology Images of HIV, PCP, CMV and other infectious agents.
Selected Major Laboratories and Research Groups
Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center
New York-based center conducting substantial basic science research for HIV/AIDS.
Gladstone Institute of Virology and Immunology
University of California San Francisco.
Institute of Human Virology
At the University of Maryland.
Institut Pasteur
Paris, France.
Levy Laboratory
University of California San Francisco.