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About the HIV InSite Knowledge Base

The HIV InSite Knowledge Base (HKB) is an online textbook of more than 100 chapters and resource pages covering an array of HIV clinical topics such as the diagnosis and management of HIV, opportunistic infections, and AIDS-related malignancies as well as HIV transmission, prevention, and public policy. Chapters present state-of-the-art information from these topic areas that is applicable to HIV care throughout the world. Authors are selected from among experts who are active in research, patient care, or policy making, often in combination. Most hold university faculty appointments at internationally acclaimed centers of HIV learning, and none receive financial compensation for their contributions.

The HKB continues in the spirit of its predecessor, the AIDS Knowledge Base (AKB), to organize and make accessible the current state of learning regarding HIV/AIDS. Whereas the AKB appeared on HIV InSite in1997 as the online adaptation of a printed textbook, the HKB is designed to realize more fully the opportunities afforded by the Internet. As an online textbook, the HKB not only makes its content widely available free of charge, but also provides access to related materials, both within HIV InSite and wherever else they may be available on the World Wide Web. Many chapters link to a page of "Related Resources," organized into categories including guidelines, fact sheets, journal articles, and so on. Content for the Related Resources pages is selected by the editorial staff at HIV InSite, with welcome input from HKB authors.